Here are answers to frequently asked questions. 

1. What is a ‘Timeless Nose Stud’?

Our Timeless Nose Stud collection is our highest quality nose stud (and ring) collection on our website. The materials vary from Solid Gold to Sterling Silver which means they are rust and tarnish free! We recommend these items— and the “Ball Hoop Nose Ring”— to those with a higher taste for quality and/or a sensitive piercing.

2. I didn't receive a confirmation/shipping email! What's going on?

Unfortunately, sometimes your inbox may filter your confirmation email into your spam folder. Please check your spam folder or search 'Royal Ringz' in your inbox to try again. If you still cannot find your confirmation email please verify that you input your email at checkout. If not, text 905-208-2081 for quick assistance.

3. Will your jewelry Tarnish/Rust?

The materials our jewelry is made out of varies depending on its style and the body part it accessorizes. Every item will have a note in it's description of the materials, and based on that you can figure out the lifespan of your jewelry.

4. How can I Prolong the lifespan of my Brass jewelry?

Good question! Certain pieces from our collections (specifically the dangling nose ring collection) are Made of a combination of Brass & Surgical Steel. Over a period time after increased exposure to bodily secretions, oxygen and liquids, the ring and/or studs may become damaged to a point of no return. To prevent this, always dry your brass jewelry pieces and remove them whenever you’re entering water when possible. 

5. How do I deal with keloids/nose bumps?

Keloids and Nose bumps are common for those who shift/change their jewelry frequently, but don't clean it enough. Please consult with your piercer or google ways to clean your piercing! Everyone's skin is different and may have to go through different processes. 

6. Can I wear your necklaces in the shower?

All of our necklace jewelry is 100% tarnish free and waterproof. They are all PVD plated and made with hypoallergenic and durable metals. Over the period of a few years after constant contact with harsh liquids such as perfumes or heavily scented soaps, the shine may fade on these items, but they will never rust or leave a green cast. 

7. How long does shipping take?

Generally speaking, your processing time can be anywhere from 1-3 business days. In extreme cases where we are experiencing mailing difficulties or product shortages, it make take up to 5 days for your order to be processed. This is rare and we try to ship 2-3 times a week.